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KUADROTEK forms part of the ELEKTRA GROUP, and we specialise in the design, development and implementation of electric switchboards and control panels for the automation of all types of installations and industrial processes..


Our experience in the field of photovoltaic energy has enabled us to develop our own standards, combining the best performance with maximum simplicity to offer the most complete string combiner box kit.

This product standardisation enables us to offer kits that can be easily adapted to our clients´ needs and the specific requirements of each project without sacrificing the competitiveness, adaptability and reliability of a standardised product.

  • Reduction in resources and labour costs.
  • Connection error minimisation and hot spot reduction.
  • 3D simulation of the proposed solution.
  • “Easy-Assembly” (“Plug & Play” technology).
  • On-site training for technical project personnel.
  • Competitiveness through design efficiency.
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