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KUADROTEK forms part of the ELEKTRA GROUP, and we specialise in the design, development and implementation of electric switchboards and control panels for the automation of all types of installations and industrial processes..


Our passion for innovation has driven us to develop the most advanced techniques in electrical cable treatment. To do so, we use the most technologically advanced machinery, which combined with the software developed by our in-house team, gives us the capacity to reach the level of quality required by the most challenging sectors.

Cableados y pre-montajes
  • Automatic processing of single-line cables from 0.5 to 6 mm2 section: cutting + stripping + crimping + marking + creating harness.
  • Automatic processing of single-line and multicore cables from 6 to 300 mm2 section: cutting + stripping + marking.
  • Crimping of multiple terminals with semi-automatic presses.
  • Marking and Grouping of cables according to specifications.
  • All types of manual operations.
  • Quality control of crimping: tensile and crimp height testing centre.
  • Logistics capacity for all types of projects and volumes.
  • After-treatment of any operation requiring manual action.

Partners oficiales:

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